The List…

After much waiting I’m sure, The List has arrived. It took me about a week or more to get it together and I hit the wall around 40. But the more I thought about what I want to do with my life the more quality goals I came up with. Special thanks to the 101 in 1001 website and my friend Jen’s 101 as well (her list is over there —->). They are in no particular order and will be completed in no particular order. Here we go…

END DATE: August 25, 2011
BOLD= In Progress
1. Get a job after graduation
2. Encourage someone else to do 101 in 1001
3. Start and finish a “365 Pictures a day” project
4. Read one book a month (o/34)
5. Write my parents a letter after graduation
6. Blog once a week (5/154)
7. Buy a new computer
8. Run twice a week (0/308)
9. Call my mother once a week (5/154)
10. Mail a secret to PostSecret
11. Graduate from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications
12. Waking up early for a week once a month (0/34)
13. Finding a work-out routine and stick to it
14. Get dressed up and go someplace nice with people I like
15. Donate blood as often as I can
16. Do an oral history with Mickey Herskowitz
17. Do an oral history of my grandparents
18. Whiten teeth
19. Skydive for graduation
20. Start playing my trumpet and find a reasonable organization to play it in
21. Sing more often
22. Learn to play the guitar
23. Give away or sell things I haven’t used in a year or more
24. Collect and digitize all of my parents and grandparents pictures
25. Donate money back to my high school music program
26. Donate money back to my University’s communications program
27. Invest money in the stock market
28. Buy better clothes
29. Buy a telescope and look through it regularly
30. Recycle more paper, plastic and metal
31. Travel to Washington D.C.
32. Visit the White House
33. Read every Sci Fi Nebula award winner
34. Read and own every Robert Heinlein novel or short story
35. Finish writing my short story
36. Buy local art
37. Go back to Los Angeles and do touristy things
38. Tell the story that no one else wants to or thinks is too hard to tell
39. Learn to cook on my own or for others
40. See the northern lights
41. Pay off my car
42. Help my parents pay for my brother to go to college
43. Talk to my brother once a week (5/154)
44. Take a set amount out of my paycheck for savings
45. Improve my Spanish speaking skills
46. Learn to play the piano
47. Finish my Spanish courses by March 2009
48. Be able to maintain my car at home
49. Keep a list of my accomplishments and remind myself of them
50. Take as many pictures as I can of friends and family
51. Digitize my pictures from Europe and put them in an album with what each pictures is or a memory
52. Back up my computer once a month (0/34)
53. Go to a concert
54. Go to a play
55. Continue my participation in Relay for Life in whatever city I live in
56. Organize my music collection
57. Buy a CD of a new artist at least once a month (0/34)
58. Be an informed voter in every election
59. Take a vested interest in my local, state, and federal government’s decisions
60. Build something with my own hands
61. Complain less
62. Research my family name at the Library of Congress
63. Put together a video blog once a month and post it on my 101 site (0/34)
64. Send my mother flowers just because
65. Frame my diploma
66. See the midnight showing of the new Star Trek movie
67. Write a letter to 3 people that I admire
68. Make time to meditate or something like it once a week (0/154)
69. Fix my Star Trek watch
70. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter
71. Go to the Prison Museum before I graduate
72. Go to the Sam Houston Museum before I graduate
73. Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru
74. Keep a current address book of friends and family
75. Speak my mind more often
76. Go hunting with my dad
77. Apply for job at CNN
78. Watch the sunset from the top of the Sam Houston Parking Garage
79. Buy a new iPod
80. Create a piece of furniture from the return or damaged stuff at Ikea
81. Hold a conversation with a friend or family member over Skype
82. Get a tan the old fashioned way by taking my shirt off
83. Go see a movie at least twice a month (2/68)
84. Go to SXSW and see someone perform
85. Smile more
86. Visit my uncle’s grave
87. Take a nap on a beach or by a river
88. Watch all 6 Star Wars movies back to back in one day
89. Go back and re-read the books I supposedly did in high school (The Great Gatsby, etc)
90. Get a massage
91. Scan important papers into computer
92. Buy a hand tailored suit
93. Make the switch to boxer-briefs
94. Go to a beer festival
95. Visit the Shiner Brewery
96. Get my concealed handgun’s license
97. Visit the Holocaust Museum in Houston
98. Learn to drive a stick-shift
99. Learn to play chess well.
100. Create a 5 year plan
101. Make another list

Let’s have some fun along the way!
I also have a flat tire. Turns out you have to buy tires every now and then.


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