What gets me through the day…

First entry on the “#6 blog a week” goal. It’s been a busy week. We had two newscasts; well three actually. I had a mock interview on Tuesday. It went well. The man who I talked with was from KBTX, the station I’ve been talking to. He reaffirmed some things I was told by the News Director.

I made some new friends on Facebook. I say new friends but I know them in real life. Our department secretary has joined up. She’s in her 50s to be sure, but awesome nonetheless. We finally figured out what she was doing while she was in her office. The same thing we do during class; nothing.

My friend Travis sent me a link that he said would be right up my alley. He’s right, but this isn’t my first encounter with Richard Cheese. My other friend Julie was kind enough to enlighten me on this great artist about 3 years ago. So for this Saturday, I’ll include one video for you all. Enjoy the weekend!

Richard Cheese – Vanilla Ice – Ice, Ice, Baby


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