Now I have to pay attention…

In looking over my goals, I realize a lot of them are strung out over the span of 1,001 days. That’s grand and all, but it leaves me feeling unsatisfied. I have to take a page out of Jessica’s play book. I’m going to create a few goals that I can accomplish in short order. It’s really just about feeling good about myself, but hey I can do that. Here’s what I have come up with:

  • Organize my music
  • Organize my pictures
  • Organize receipts for taxes (yay! not)
  • Organize bills and important papers

As a side note, I’ve actually been keeping some of my long running goals up.

9. Call my mother once a week


43. Talk to my brother once a week

But I haven’t been running twice a week. Winter just hit Huntsville so I’ll have to find the time to go to a gym. It’s going to be a rough goal for me to tend to, because I can really procrastinate. Trust me, if it were an Olympic sport I’d be gold, baby.


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