What I do on days like today…

I’m sitting in our control room at the University, making copies of newscasts I’ve been in for my demo tape. This will allow me to have more material to send to potential employers. If I was a good student, I would have done this already, like the day after it aired. But… since it’s the end of the semester and there is literally NO ONE in the building, it’s kind of nice.

I was very happy to see that another one of my friends has joined the 101 madness. Natalie, or DJ Roxy as she is known on the HuntsVegas airwaves, started her journey. It’s a great list, here’s a link.

Jessica, my roommate, is making very good progress on here list. That I am proud of as well. It’s encouraging to see your friends start to achieve things.

I’ve been watching Fringe online and Fox.com. It’s a J.J. Abrams show dealing with fringe science; stuff like teleportation, and all that. I’m finding it to be incredibly interesting and many times frightening. Now I know that makes me sound like a big baby, but you try watching that show in an empty apartment at midnight and see if you don’t turn every light on.

I’m looking forward to the Holiday Break. Getting to spend some time with the family and old friends. I’m also going to get as much done on my correspondence Spanish as humanly possible. I would like to finish that goal early.

One last thing. I heard from my internship coordinator at KBTX. I should have everything set up before next year. I’m trying to get my schedule over there set up so I can see how much I can work. Gotta make that money.


One thought on “What I do on days like today…

  1. I love this 101 in 1001 days thing. It’s already giving me something to do over the break!Fringe is the BEST new show of this season. Aaron and I love it, and YES, it freaks me out, too, dude!Have an awesome break, TV MO!

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