On this the day of…

I really missed my family. I didn’t know it until I was surrounded by them this week, but they lift me up and give me so much encouragement. I hope everyone finds that this holiday break.

I started one of my sub-goals; to organize my music collection. A lot of it went missing since I replaced the hard drive in my laptop (Apple wanted $1300 to repair it, I did it for $99+shipping). So since one of my goals is to listen to a new album a month I wanted it to be neat and organized. Jess and Mindie went through and did this, adding album art. It makes flipping through your music more fun.

This is the gift giving season, no matter what you celebrate (unless it’s a no-gift-giving tradition), and I got a ton of great clothes. Two new suits: one Michael Kors, the other some Italian designer. Several great shirts and pants. All I need now are some shoes and I’m working on that this weekend. So that helps with goal #28.

I start my internship on January 6th at KBTX-TV in Bryan. I can’t wait. I told the News Director that I could start after Christmas. He laughed and told me to start in January when everyone would be back in. I plan to blog about it alot, or as much as I can. I’ll be keeping a journal as well.


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