Watch This Now…

I was just completely blown away. Not only is the information good, but as a RTV student, I’m thrilled by the design of the whole video. Enjoy…


One thought on “Watch This Now…

  1. 2012, right? Hmm. Environmental Science courses emphasize the exponential growth effect that is plagueing our planet today. Lets look at the test tube analogy for instance. If two organisms exist in test tube who have an exponential growth factor of 2 (2,4,8,16, etc.)per minute and only 100 organism can sustain life in one test tube, then how long will it take before the organism will need another test tube? How long until they need a third to sustain life? Will they need more than three in that instant? Compare this to the exponential growth factor of humanity and the sustainability of Earth. The numbers are simply frightening.P.S. Who knew I could think so critically at 6am on a saturday.

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