Running Silent

You’ve probably wondered (or not, that’s cool too) where I have been. No posts in over two weeks, no update on goals; I’ve just disappeared. Well there is a good reason behind it, although not as good as others. I broke my laptop right after Christmas. I got some good news on 12th Street going national and set it on the couch to tell my parents. When I got up, it slid off and broke part of the power cable off inside the power socket. Needless to say, my parents were ecstatic about the show and I was pissed about my computer. Well, two replace parts later (one that was the wrong piece entirely) I’m about half-way there to getting “Ol’ Silverback”… back. Yes I call my 3 1/2 – almost 4 year old Powerbook G4 “Ol’ Silverback” because well… he’s silver. I should have one ordered and on the way courtesy of Ebay on Monday.

You might be asking yourself “Why hasn’t he just purchased a new laptop or moved to a desktop by now.” Answer: I told myself I would keep this laptop while I was in college and that ONLY…. only after I graduated and got a job, would I buy another computer. A corollary to that is if it cost more than $500 to fix. I’ve been really lucky that the two times my laptop has gone down, it has cost less than $100 to fix. No thanks to Apple, by the way, who have always wanted more than $500 to fix anything. I love their products to death, but Apple needs to shut the hell and lower their prices.

All that was to say, I didn’t post because I was enjoying my time away from the technology world. I’m also trying to figure out a balance between the two and not be tied down by my laptop or cellphone. Since I’m back at school and thus back to reality, I will do my very best to stick to my goals and blogging once a week. I have enjoyed catching back up on all that I have missed with my friends and their goals, and look forward to a very productive 2009. On the brighter side… it’s only 3 years away from the apocalypse! It’s true, I heard in on the History Channel.


One thought on “Running Silent

  1. well you know i was wondering. also, i did not realize that THAT is how you broke your comp. that is sort of a hilarious story. sorry.congrats on the 12th street thing!

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