So it begins…

I started my internship just under two weeks ago at KBTX-TV in Bryan, TX. I’m over there on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for… just about all day. My day starts with the drive over. It’s about 50-60 miles from Huntsville to Bryan. I leave the house around 7:30 and get to the station about an hour after that. 9 a.m. is the morning news meeting. We set the stories we’ll be working on all day at that meeting. Everyone is supposed to bring story ideas to the meeting, including me, so I try and come up with stuff the night before or on the drive over. The morning meeting usually last about 45 minutes then we break up and get to work.

When I started, KBTX did their own show at Noon. Shortly after me being there, KBTX combined their Noon show with KWTX in Waco. We share stories and some video for the most part, but KW fronts the news and we cut in locally for weather and an interview segment. So it makes planning the Noon show easier now. I usually edit, write, and post stories to the website.

After the show at Noon, it’s lunch time. It’s not uncommon for Hot Pockets to be consumed during this perioud. I have great roommates that are trying to eat healthy, and I’m of the mentality that if you can’t beat’em, join’em. So I’m starting to take my lunch or find healthy choices to get food. Also, by taking my own lunch, I’m not spending money on eating out.

2 p.m. brings the afternoon news meeting. We update the stories we were working on and see what information is new, then set the stories for the evening show. Reporters go out and get interviews and such. I went out last Thursday and interviewed an attorney who is going to the Inauguration. It aired on the 6 and 10 shows that day. That was cool.

I stay at KBTX until after the 6 o’clock show then come home. It’s a long day but I love it. That’s a little insight into how my days go over there. More stories and hopefully pictures and videos to come.


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