From the newsroom…

I’m sitting at my producer’s desk right now and thought I would update the blog while everyone’s at lunch. Another productive morning here at KBTX. I called to update a story about a plant fire in Navasota and edited some video. They are calling me MO around here because when they assign stories on the board, they put first and last initials; MO. I’ve grown used to it now. Its weird not having people call me by last name. I’ve been so used to that.

Working on some goals this week. I’m going to put online the video blog from Decemeber 2008. It was made and never posted. My fault. Mindie did some wonderful edit work and I want to feature that. I’m also making one for January on Friday. It’s more journalistic than fun, but I think you’ll enjoy.

That’s all from the newsroom.


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