It’s been a week…

That phrase can mean so many things. I’ve had a pretty long week. My internship days were productive, and I’m starting to fill out my own roles in the newsroom. I answer phones, edit “The Produce Man” and anything that needs to be edited. I’m writing better which is a good thing. My writing has always been weak. Product of my education, I suppose.

My good friend Lianne started her internship on Thursday. She’s having more fun than me I can tell. I’m happy for her though. It’s with the Bobby Bones Show on Kiss FM in Austin. They pulled her on the air and played some stuff from our show in college and played our intro. That was pretty awesome. It even made it into the show recap:
I’ve never been more proud to be “her other host” or for her to be back in radio. I could her it in her voice, she’s excited.

Today will be pretty cool as well. I get to be the red hat at the SHSU Men’s Basketball game. It’s a TV game, and I have to signal commercial breaks and call for replays. Could get interesting!


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