Progress for the sake of…

I’m making a little headway on one of my goals:

#4. Read one book a month (1/34)

I finished my book for January, Affluenza. Now before you go asking me why I read a book on the Flu (Kevin), that’s Influenza. This book was about the virus that is overspending and waste. Creatively tackled like a spreading pandemic, Affluenza motivates the reader to get up and “get better.”

I recommend you read it, even if you think you’re not a big waster. It has certainly motivated me to start taking a look at my life and ask, “Am I living beyond my means?” The answer is yes. Affluenza is not something you can correct overnight, but in time, over a few months, you can make some good headway. It lead me to start another goal of mine:

#30. Recycle more paper, plastic and metal

I took the first of many loads to the recycling place week before last. One bag of plastic bottles and one bag of soda cans. I got 16 cents. I know it’s not a lot, and I was a little shocked, but I felt good about it. Plus, that is 16 cents we didn’t have before. I may have to try and go once a month so I can build up just a little bit more. If I can make a dollar by the end of the year, then I’m a dollar richer than last year!


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