Enough Softball to last a lifetime…

My view all weekend long.
This weekend I worked for the SHSU Athletic department as a PA for the 2009 Domino’s Pizza SHSU Classic.
My workspace.
It’s a softball tournament between Sam Houston, Houston Baptist, and Texas Southern. There were three games on Saturday and three on Sunday. You would think that sitting in a press box, reading names, and making announcements wouldn’t be a tiring job, but it wares you out.
My performance on Saturday was not great. Sunday I improved and was used to the flow of the game. Also, I had most of the names right. Just a thought to anyone wanting to name your kids, make them as simple and easy to say as possible.
My roommates Kev and Jess work for the AD and they were scoring the game. They had the hardest job, actually having to pay attention.
As you can darn well see, by the end of the last day we were worn out. The bearkats did an excellent job and there were some amazing plays made. Lots of very good potential from some young players. The Bearkats won all of their games, run ruling three of the four.

The girls played some hacky sack before each game. It was awesome and made me want to play the game again.

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