The proof is in the pudding…

I don’t have any pudding, but I do have a picture. This is the first in a long line of evidence that I am a part of a national sports talk show.
I don’t know what fame feels like, but I imagined it being a little more… I don’t know… famous? I’m no where near fame, but the little show I’m lucky to be a part of is on the program guide at my parents house. If that’s not a little famous, then I just don’t know…

UPDATE: My mom called me when the show started. I guess it’s real now. hahaha

P.S. My mom took the picture because we don’t get the channel at the apartment. (love you Mom!)


2 thoughts on “The proof is in the pudding…

  1. hahaha I can see your mom, standing on the wii fit, all excitedly taking the picture. Ps my word to type was “repolo”…say it ricola style off a mountain for full effect.

  2. This is all a bunch of LIES! Michael is just very talented with photoshop! Hahaha jk. Im very proud of you kids. If you do end up famous then I can say that I not only am dating someone famous but I also lived with someone famous! How cool is that!?

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