Trip to Austin

Boy this is late… by a whole week no less.

Last week several student leader from Sam Houston and myself went to Austin to see the governmental process and essentially be used as a lobbying tool. It was a two day trip, leaving Tuesday night, staying in a very lovely La Quinta, and spending Wednesday on the hill. It was a great trip and the other 15 students I went with were awesome. I’m glad I got to meet some of the most ambitious and responsible students on campus. Two of the students are the other two Sammy’s hosts, so we pretty much cut up the entire time.

Daniel, one of the other hosts, and I played catch in a hallway on the ground floor of the Capitol. Two DPS officers watched us rather closely. We were behaving, but Brandon, our University leader, was pretty annoyed. hahaha.

Overall, it was a great little break from school. I got to know the other hosts better, which will help when we host the show. Plus, they’re great people so, ya know… new friends there haha.


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