What? It’s nearly the middle of the semester

Well I got back into my internship this week after taking two weeks off. I needed some time to get some work in back at school. The newsroom carried on without me while I was gone. Everyone was glad to see me come back. I finally met some of the other interns on Tuesday. Two girls who go to A&M and a guy in high school. I spent the afternoon writing a story, editing video for the 6pm show and teaching them how to edit. They’re getting the hang of it. My producer Destaney gives me a hard time all day long, but I think it’s her job to do that. I get along with dang near everyone in the newsroom, so here’s hoping they like me enough to hire me soon! hahaha.

A while back I got an email from BEA saying I had won an award. To be honest, I didn’t remember submitting anything to the BEA contest. Then it all came back to me that Dr. Balas made a mad dash to get as much stuff in the mail for this thing before the end of the semester. I won 1st place TV Hard News. I’m stoked about even now! I worked really hard on that story and, remarkably enough, produced it all in a few hours. I tried to make it as close to the industry as possible, giving myself a deadline and everything.

I’m hosting the Sammy’s, which are like the Grammy’s. Well, not really. They are the University’s official award show. It’s a pretty big deal to make it past the audition and be asked to host. We’ve been practicing for about a month now. I had to go have professional headshots done, so you can bet those will up on here soon. The script has to be completely memorized and it’s broken up into four quarters. We’ve got the first quarter memorized and we have to have the second quarter by Monday. Thursday night, we had to rewrite the second quarter and now it’s mostly me for the entire thing, haha. But practice is cool and Daniel and Shawna are awesome co-hosts, so we usually end up goofing off.

That’s all for now. I was going to include some pictures and stuff, but it’s late and I’ve just worked 10 hours of Baseball with another 1, 4546t0984 million more tomorrow. So you just get the words for now.


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