Recycling and Museums

I took the recycling this afternoon, after letting it pile up for about a month. I took two bags, one plastic, one aluminum cans. I got .32 cents for that trip. Since then we’ve had a few shindigs at the apartment and amassed a lot of aluminum cans. This month I took two bags of plastic, four bags of aluminum cans, and a box of paper. Jessica uses one of her drawers in her desk as a recycling bin. I brought home….(drum roll)… $1.87!!! Oh yeah! That’s like almost 6 times what I normally bring in! I was excited. Jessica said, “All that and you only got $1.87?” It’s not a lot, but it’s it brings the total to over two dollars.

Jessica’s Mom was in town last week for the Ring Ceremony and Jess was taking her all over Huntsville, showing her all the cool stuff. They were going to the Prison Museum one afternoon, and invited me along! It’s a fascinating place. Not very big, but stuffed full of handmade weapons, pictures and articles about every aspect of prison life. I feel more connected to the history that surrounds this city that has been my home for the last 4 years. Very cool.

Another goal off the list! #71. Go to the Prison Museum before I graduate.


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