The List; an update

Let’s see what I can update on.

47. Finish my Spanish courses by March 2009 – FAILED

Yeah, I didn’t stick to this. I just never find the time to do even one lesson a day. So I will not have all of my requirements in BEFORE graduation. I will walk but I will have to finish up my lessons and take my tests.

66. See the midnight showing of the new Star Trek movie

Oh yes, and I was in a uniform. EPIC! There will be a full post with pictures coming soon.

55. Continue my participation in Relay for Life in whatever city I live in.

I’m still in Huntsville and spent Friday night into Saturday morning broadcasting SOLO for the SHSU Relay for Life. That’s how I participate; the rest of the crew was actually out at the event, walking and getting interviews.

83. Go see a movie at least twice a month.

Well I saw Star Trek twice in one day. I plan on seeing Angels & Demons when it comes out. I need to go back and see what other movies I’ve seen. In April, I saw Observe and Report with Mindie and Scott. I don’t think I saw another movie that month.

15. Donate blood as often as I can

To help me in endeavor to give back to my community and fellow citizens, I am now a registered bone marrow donor. So if you ever need a transplant… and we’re compatible… look me up.

78. Watch the sunset from the top of the Sam Houston Parking garage

Mindie and I went a few weeks back before going to eat with Scott Packard. Pics coming soon.


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