A Kind Gesture and One in Return

Did a story today about a Blinn student that started a website that allows you to send messages of inspiration and encouragement to cancer patients, survivors and their families; soldier, veterans and their families; and those going through any kind of rehabilitation.

The website is called PennyTray.org and it works like the “Leave a penny, take a penny” tray at any convenient store. The creator, Ryan Jurgensen, said he was inspired to make this site after seeing a similar site that allowed you to send pictures randomly to other people. Jurgensen thought that his site could help those who might need a little boost or lift in their spirits.

Here is the link to the story I did for KBTX

Here is a link to the site

It’s an interesting concept; not just sending a message, but getting one back almost instantly. Take some time and send a message to someone.


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