View From Behind the Bar 6-4

This is my blog post from the National Sports Show that I host called “12th Street Sports Bar” I’m posting it here as well. If you woud like to comment, I kindly ask that you visit the post on the 12th Street website and leave them there. Thanks to enjoy!

This week we wrapped up the Regional round of the NCAA Baseball Tournament. There were a couple very impressive games to talk about. We start with the marathon that was the Texas vs Boston College game. They played an unbelievable 25 innings. After that we touch on the Florida State game that saw them scoring 37 points to their opponents 6. Like we’ve said at the Bar all year long, for whatever reason this season has seen some amazing feats.

Taking a look at the how the teams in the Lone Star State, many of them made it past the first game of their respective Regional. It was the second game that everyone had the hang up. Texas State and Sam Houston State University played two games and were eliminated. Kevin is concerned that because both of the teams from the Southland Conference were “two and through” that they might not be looked upon with as much respect next year. It’s an interesting situation to consider, I think.

We wrap up the show with what is beginning to feel like part 12 of an infinite part series “What is NCAA investigating now?” Our story this week is between Memphis and the NCAA. Allegations about a certain player that may or may not have taken the SAT in high school. It’s important to note that is player is now out of college. Where does the NCAA draw the line on investigating allegations? They are threatening to take away all 38 wins from the Memphis season; a season that saw them go to the NCAA Tournament. Like always, it’s treading in deep water with the NCAA, but the level headed minds at the Bar seem to have all the answers!

Side Order:

Special thanks to our fans that have sent in a some of their jerseys for us to display in the Bar. They look great! Keep’em coming! If you want to send us a jersey, shoot us an e-mail at: with the subject “I want my Jersey in the Bar”


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