I got some new shoes on…

I bought a pair of new tennis shoes before my freshman year at college. Four years later and after graduation I bought a new pair. I didn’t realize just how worn down my old pair of shoes were.

Yes, that’s ketchup.
Yes, that’s a hole.The new ones are on the inside.

Yeah, it’s sad how I don’t take care of my feet since I’m on them all the time at work. I didn’t realize just how bad my body hurt from having terrible shoes. I’m starting to level back out and everything.

The other thing I want to update about it a gift that was bought for me when I went to visit my good friend Jen in Waco a while back. He has been in a box since I brought him home, but yesterday as I was cleaning I decided to unpack him. I’m very glad I did because he’s probably my favorite Disney character so far.

He sits on the nightstand, guarding the books I’m apparently reading. Both are about half way read. I need to finish them both quick.

I have my first workshop at the station tomorrow. I’m nervous because I don’t really have anything to show them that’s entirely my own. We’ll see how it goes.


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