Why yes, that is my future hanging above me.

Had a nice, relaxing evening tonight. Took a little trip back home to return my Mom’s Jag. She let me borrow it while my car was being fixed. Turns out I didn’t need it that long. It was still nice to cruise around in. You wouldn’t believe the looks you get when you pull out of an apartment complex in a college town in a Jaguar. Granted it’s a 1992 Jag, but still in great shape.

Kev and Jess followed behind me in my car. Trusty, old, reliable Taurus. She’s running fine now that she’s fixed. If my alternator goes out in October then we have bigger issues, but that’s a few months away. My folks took us out to dinner which was incredibly nice of them. We went to Pappasito’s. It’s like a second home for my family. My younger brother Scott dang near ran the one in Humble. Kev and Jess had never been to one. I would say they were sufficiently impressed. It was nice to get out of town, have a good meal and talk with my parents.

It’s strangely reassuring just listening to them. Earlier today I felt stressed and worked up about having to decide where I’m going to live, how can I stay involved in 12th Street and about a dozen other things. But after just listening to what they had to say about it all I felt that regardless of what happens over the next few months it will all work out. I can only think so many steps ahead in life. Really I can only think as far as next week that’s how up in the air things are.

So here’s to hoping that all of the stuff hanging in the air right now falls into place rather than comes crashing down.


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