Plinky Post

A few months ago I stumbled upon a website called Plinky. I was looking for something online to help me write and this website gives you prompts to answer. After registering for free, I ran through a few of the prompts. Sure enough, I moved past my writer’s block and finished what the paper I was working on. They send a prompt out by email each week and in an effort to improve my writting once more I will begin to answer them here on the blog.
Normally, the Plinky website allows you to answer and then post directly to your blog, twitter, facebook, but since I am at a computer that doesn’t have an updated browser I will just copy the prompt.
Plinky Prompt:
“What’s the happiest life change you’ve had so far?”

By far the biggest, happiest change in my life has been getting my first full-time job. I am lucky enough for it to be in my degree field and what I want to make a career out of. The expreiences so far have been enlightening. I’ve met people who have inspired me with the stories of their lives. The people I work with have a passion for their jobs that makes me do my best work. Yes, it’s difficult some days. Yes, it can get repetitive. I know I won’t have this job forever, but I want to look back at my time here and have the proof that I made an impact or did something worthwhile. I have also been living on my own for the first time. I see this as a challenge to my personal strength and to the strength of my friends and family. I miss them both a lot.

If you want to, answer the prompt in the comments section and let’s share stories on our biggest changes.

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