Two Dollars in the Plate

PROMPT: What’s the nicest thing a stranger has done for you?

When I was in college I took a history class on Black Civil Rights. The teacher was insane, inspirational and manic. She attended Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, and once a year they have “Friends & Family” service, where members of the congregation bring people from work or school or life to church.

The professor said it would be extra credit if you went to the service and when it was time to shake hands and meet the people around you, you went and said hello to her.

My friend Angie and I went to service that Sunday, all dressed up. We sat through the first bit and at the appropriate time went and said hello to our professor (Angie was in the class with me).

After saying hi, we went back to our seats and shook hands with everyone else. A short time later they start to pass the plate around. It’s donation time and both myself and Angie have $0.

A very nice older woman from behind us leans forward and taps us. She had seen us search our pockets and come back empty handed. She hands us each a dollar.

“The Lord knows you’re trying hard in school and knows you made the effort to come to church this morning. Keep working hard and He’ll watch over you,” the lady said.

Angie and I were speechless. We thanked her abundantly and when the plate passed we added our small donation.

It’s been the nicest thing a stranger has done for me.


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