Be Prepared

Because sometimes my job is a never-ending carousel of idiots, I thought I would share this comment left on our web channel. We’re preparing for some particularly cold weather to come our way and are pulling out all the stops to get the right information out. This guy, however, is not very helpful.

Posted by: k
Location: Bryan
on Jan 6, 2010 at 12:03 PM

Okay Brazos Valley listen up. This is a serious threat
to our humanity as we know it and I must share the keys to getting through
the next (3) days alive. Please obtain the following immediately:

1.2,500 D batteries
2. 5,000 AA batteries
3. 750 gallons of kerosene
4. 12 cords of wood, use your furniture as back up
5. 113 cases of drinking water
6. 15 heavy duty Snuggies
7. 1 pack of cards
8. 1 UNO game
9. 3 coolers
10. 4 casess of por-n-beans
Without the implements you will be at serious risk of
survival….go now and do not hesitate. It’s coming….consider yourself

I, for one, already feel safer.

p.s.- Do you think they have heavy duty Snuggies?


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