I’m With CoCo

Never should the American people have to pick sides in such a trivial matter, but the National Broadcasting Company is being run by buffoons. You want to see how a last place network plummets into oblivion? See how they actually handle the “Leno-Conan” debacle.

I am saying it now on the Internet, where everything is “real,” that I am on Conan’s side.

Conan has worshiped the Tonight Show spot and treated it with as much respect, in my opinion. Many people agree with me. He’s no Johnny Carson (no one is or can be) and he’s not Letterman or Leno. Conan O’Brien is himself. I think it’s refreshing.

Conan stood his ground and released this statement. (link goes to Huffington Post)

How NBC is treating him and the Tonight Show legacy is shameful. For that, I feel like I should boycott. My problem is three-fold; Community, The Office and 30 Rock.

You need to take a page from a great SNL skit NBC and “FIX… IT!”

Thanks to Sir Mike of Mitchell for the image.


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