Many Hats, None That Fit Right

I wear many hats at the TV station right now. Photojournalist, editor, producer to name a few. As much as it stresses me out sometimes (and my neck can attest to the stress) I haven’t hated it. In fact, it’s been kind of fun. I’ve seen how the television news system works from start to finish. It also makes me aware of the many sides of a story.

For example, the most popular and commented story on (Always On!) is about a College Station girl who crashed the borrowed Maserati head-on into a CS police officer who was responded to the reckless driving call. The officer was flown to Temple and is listed in Fair condition.

Alex Ford, 21, was a mystery to many until this morning. We knew she was driving and we knew she was at College Station Medical Center (the Med). I was not prepared for the face staring back at me when we researched for some pictures.

She’s gorgeous!

That’s probably an understatement. She’s smokin’ hot. The very last thing that crossed my mind was her involvement in a head-on collision. The day’s investigation unraveled a convoluted story that took place between College Station and Houston.

Only the coming days can actually reveal what exactly happened Saturday morning on Eagle Avenue. Police suspect alcohol was involved and a warrant has been issued for Ford, who is in Fair condition at the Med, charging her with Intoxicated Assault causing Serious Bodily Injury to a Peace Officer.

Click here to read more at and comment on the story.

There were three other people in the Maserati with Ford. One of them returned to the scene of the accident later Saturday afternoon.

Should be a good story to watch here unfold here in the Brazos Valley.

On another note: I survived “2010 Arctic Blast.” Stay tuned for more comprehensive weather coverage as the mercury rises.

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