Gettin’ Hitched

In the next four months I have three weddings to attend. One wedding for my cousin, and two for friends. I have been asked to DJ all three. That is a huge honor for me. It also got me thinking. This summer will mark my 10 year anniversary with Roy & TMAC Sound. It also marks 10 years in the wedding industry.

Nothing makes me more happy than to be trusted with the responsibilty of making sure the reception for someone’s special day goes smoothly. That being said… I do know what I’m doing. There have been some brides I’ve dealt with that make me want to fire a gun.

Some tips (from my decade of experience):
DO NOT plan out every song that has to play from the beginning of the reception to the end. It will not work.
DO NOT expect events to be on time. Things will run late and it’s okay.
DO NOT invite people to your wedding that feel they are a better DJ than the guy you hired. If that were true, you would have hired them.
DO NOT invite a person you still have feelings for to your wedding. Alcohol+Great Music will make you want to grind on that person and make bad decisions. Yes, I’m talking about you Ms. Got Married at the Downtown Double Tree. You broke a toilet in a men’s bathroom with some guy who wasn’t your newly minted husband. That is a bad thing. How you managed to make it back out to the dancefloor and continue dancing while your soon-to-be ex-husband destroyed the bridal suite is a REMARKABLE feat. Kudos. (completely true story)
DO NOT let your slightly drunk Uncle/Brother/Father who thinks he can impersonate Elvis have my very expensive wireless microphone. He will drop it and you will be billed.
DO NOT think that we can read your mind.
DO communicate your evey want with a DJ. We need to know what your thinking.
-Understand that we work for two people: the bride and the person signing our check. It’s a tug-of-war on who wins out.
-Keg stands are awesome. Brides look especially lovely when the groom and his groomsmen are holding her legs up in the air.
-If you have a wedding coordinator, please make sure they understand that the DJ will be making the announcements. I don’t care how “professional” you “think” you sound.
DO NOT have your wedding outside if you have an elderly member of your family attending. They will succomb to the heat. The one time you don’t have EMS on standby will be the one time Grandpaw has a heart attack. It’s really difficult to make everyone go inside, then back outside, once everyone has seen him go past the large windows of the reception hall on a stretcher.
DO NOT assume that we every song that has ever been released.
DO NOT play “stump the DJ” all night long. Odds are, at nearly 60,000 songs we have it.
DO NOT think we can just simply download music off Limewire AT THE RECEPTION. 1) it’s illegal and 2) NO!
DO NOT assume that because you’re reception is out in the middle of NO WHERE, we bring our own generator. (I’m still pulling grass out of cases)
DO NOT ask for karaoke or extra lights at your reception if you did not pre-book them. We do not carry around the entire wharehouse just in case. (the bride asked me for more lights as we pulled away from dock on a party boat)

These were only a handful of the hundreds of weddings that I’ve worked over the last 10 years. They make for great stories and wonderful memories, even though I wanted to pull my hair out at the time. I look forward to another 10 years celebrating the happiest day of people’s life.


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