Plinky Post

Where have you seen great art?

I’ve had the luck in life that by 23 I’ve seen some amazing art. When the Met had to recently close down, some of the artwork was moved to the Museum of Modern Art in Houston. It’s the only time artwork from the Met as been moved and Houston was the only place it went. Interesting side story: the current curator of the Met began his career in Houston at the museum. That’s why Houston was chosen. It was a small wing in the Museum, but some of the art work was breathtaking. I also visited the Menil gallery in Houston when I was in high school.

Outside of Houston, I’ve been equally as lucky. In high school I took a trip to Rome with my friend Josh and his family. Artwork is in every building and church in Rome. We toured the Vatican and the museum. One of the largest collections I’ve ever seen. You get lost in the maze of gigantic rooms with wall sized tapestries. Rooms filled with statues and sculptures depicting saints, scholars and leaders will tower above you like marble forest. Then, of course, you get to the Sistine Chapel.Words cannot describe the atmosphere in that room.

It’s more art and history than you can shake a stick at. I saw most of it in a three year period. There are many more places I want to go and much more art and history to discover.


One thought on “Plinky Post

  1. i remember the menil gallery for spanish! remember the convos we used to draw in the spanish workbooks on the cartoons? good times…no way that was 9 (!!!) years ago. we're old.i might have to try this plinky thing, it seems pretty neat.

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