One Stop Creeper Shop

The story I worked on today was about the website It searches the web and social media websites (like this one) and gathers that information into a profile. You can see some information for free, but the “good” stuff costs money.

I also did a live shot from a coffee shop around the block for the newscast via Skype. It was awesome! My first on-air appearance at KBTX was at a cool coffee shop! My story follows, but I’ve disabled comments and ask that you leave them at

Private Information For The Public To See All On One Web Site 
By Michael Oder

In the Internet age, most of our private information is out there on one website or another. Getting to those sites and obtaining that information isn’t always easy until now.

We’ve uncovered a site that we wanted you to know about, so you’ll know what to do if you think what’s out there for all to see…is just too much.
“Okay that’s intense,” says Texas A&M student Jason Reynolds.

“That is my grandfather. Male, 70s…man that’s right.”

These A&M students at a local shop are shocked. They’ve discovered the personal information for themselves and family members gathered together on one website.

“It has my address on there, that’s creepy,” says Texas A&M student Rebecca McDavid. is a search engine that gathers information about your personality and interests, along with pictures of your home, phone number, your religious beliefs, even the type of vehicle you drive. It also gives your address and phone number.

“I don’t know why you would need to know like a lot of this stuff, unless you’re a creeper,” says Reynolds.

The website searches public information and over 40 social media websites to give you everything from political interests to religion. For three to five dollars a month, or about the price of a coffee, you can know everything about anyone. But it’s not always accurate.

“This says I make $321,000 a year,” laughed McDavid.

Most people we showed this site to were fascinated, intrigued but disturbed. But as disturbing as it might be, it’s legal.

If you want to remove yourself from this site, there is a link at the end of the article at


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