Bookshelves, both analog and digital.

Here’s a question that came to Friday. I’ve been considering buying an iPad. Before you judge me completely, my laptop is dying a slow, public death and I’m going to buy an iMac, so I need something basically to sit on the couch with. I’ve handled one, seen that applications and read nearly every article and blog for and against. Friday I had one of those moments some consider an epiphany.

The iPad makes for a great e-book. But if you purchased a book digitally, would you buy a hardcopy to sit on a bookshelf?

I like having books on a shelf being displayed to the world. It’s a sense of pride and accomplishment. I know many of my friends love reading books (I’m looking at your Jessica and Chet). The iPad can carry thousands of books, but none of them can go on a physical bookshelf.

I pose the question to anyone who reads this: would you buy a physical copy of a book you have read digitally?


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