Work Thoughts: Animals Seized in Grimes County

Worked an interesting story today over in Carlos (Grimes County, TX).

A woman there breeds and sells miniature horses and dogs on her small ranch. Things got overwhelming for her, and she ended up with over 200 animals. Wednesday morning, Grimes County Sheriff’s Officers and the Houston SPCA entered the property and took 105 horses and 40 dogs. They left her with 20 horses and 40 dogs. 30 horses were given to neighbors.

It was a voluntary surrender, so she’s not facing any charges right now. That could change. The animals that were taken are undergoing a full medical check up. When the Sheriff’s and SPCA finish they’re investigation, it will be the District Attorney’s decision whether or not to charge her with animal cruelty.

I’ve never understood animal cruelty. While this case is simply a woman living beyond her means, I still do not get it. Perhaps she tried every mean she could to sell or give away the animals, but couldn’t. At some point she had to realize that she couldn’t support all the animals. Here’s the clincher: it was an anonymous tip that sent Sheriff’s officers to the ranch to begin with. That’s how this all started.

What if that person hadn’t called in? I imagine this story would have been much more tragic and my day a lot longer than it was.

Animals cannot cry out for help or food when they are kept in a pen. I learned an interesting fact from the SPCA investigator today. Horses, unlike other animals, do not loose body mass quickly. If a horse, miniature or not, has ribs showing, that’s because it’s malnourished. And that takes a long, long time to happen.

Here’s the link to the story on the KBTX-TV website. 

I’ve disabled comments on this post and ask that you leave them on under the article on the website.


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