Over the last few days I’ve come to understand that title a little better.

I was asked to be the producer for Aggie Gameday, so I’ve been knee deep in trying to bring my  “A Game” to the first show. It airs, by the by, on Saturday Sept. 4th @ 4pm on the CW Texas and streaming live at

I’ve also picked a new schedule at work that has me producing the Noon and 6pm shows three days a week. There are days when the shows put themselves together and there are days when it’s battle until air. I’ve had my fair share of good and bad shows and I know I’ll have more.

There are a ton of things that producers do that I didn’t think they did when I first started. They have to be writers, editors, reporters, news directors and graphic artists. Being able to determine what’s a lead story and what can appropriately go after the first commercial break can be difficult. There are days when you think all your stories should go after the first break. There are days when you fight for more time in the first segment and cram as much news as you can in.

But most importantly, being a producer means being able to work with just about anyone. You help reporters see how their story fits into your show. You work with anchors on how a show should flow. You discuss how the show will look on-air with directors and production staff.

When your producing a specialty program like Gameday, the amount of meetings and discussions doubles. You need to talk to the Web Director about updating the webpage. Work with the creative services gurus on how your special season open montage fits into the pre-produced show open and promos. Attend a station wide meeting on how the sales and sponsored elements fit into the whole show experience on-air and at the Fan Zone at Kyle Field. I could continue, but suffice to say it’s a balancing act.

I love every minute of it though. The anxiety about making sure all your elements are in place before deadline Friday is overwhelming. The excitement about the new ideas we’re trying out this season is overwhelming. So is the support I’m getting from everyone.

So I’m hanging on with both hands and hoping I get pulled through until December…


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