Crossing Off the List

Since January is a good time to get a fresh start I went ahead and looked over my 101 list. Turns out, I have a few more things to cross off!

#11 – Graduate from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications.

This took a lot longer than I should have allowed it to. Technically I graduated from Sam Houston State University in August 7,  2010, a full year and a half after leaving the university. My fault completely for taking so long. I am now an official college graduate.

#21 – Sing more often.

As anyone who works with me can attest to, I sing nearly everything. Pop music, classic rock, oldies, songs about what I’m doing in the style of popular songs, songs about stories I’m working on. I sing. A lot. I think it drives my co-workers crazy sometimes, but it makes me happy.

#43 – Talk to my brother once a week.

I live with him. Problem solved.

#59 – Take a vested interest in my local, state, and federal government’s decisions.

Working for a small(ish) town television station is the best way, I think, to stay plugged in to local politics. I’ve ready, listened, and written more about small town government than any other time in my life. And it’s just as annoying as reading about it in the newspaper, hearing it on the radio or watching it on TV.

#81 – Hold a conversation with a friend or family member over Skype.

I’ve had a few conversations over Skype. Not nearly as many as I think the year 2010 (or 2011) should require me to. It’s the future, people! Get with video chat!

#93 – Make the switch to boxer-briefs.

Pretty self explanatory. If you need further information, buy me dinner?

I’m going to start looking at my next set of 101 goals. I feel like I have things left to accomplish. Not only from this list, but things off the list as well. I still have 7 or so months left to work on this list before the clock runs out.


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