Long Lost Relative

Thanks to the power of Google and their awesome alerts (see here) I have the great opportunity of knowing when my first or last name appears on the Internet.

What an age we live in!

So, imagine my surprise when I got a e-mail saying that someone with the last name “Oder” was starting on the soccer team at Cornell.

Meet Aaron Oder.

He’s a freshman mid-fielder for the Cornell Big Red.

He and his family are from Pfafftown, North Carolina.

He’s going to Cornell to be an engineer. I was really hoping for like a doctor or lawyer because (I’m being honest) it couldn’t hurt to have one or two in the family.

Guess I have to be a fan of collegiate soccer now…

Welcome to the family, Aaron!


2 thoughts on “Long Lost Relative

  1. this might be the creepiest thing i've ever read. CREEPERremember when that lady fell off a cruise ship and no one ever saw her again? she had the same name as me. all i ever get are google alerts for stories about her.

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