Plinky Post: My Fitness Routine, or Lack Thereof.

Seriously, I need to get to a gym.

Army Reserve 2010 Best Warrior Competition Army Physical Fitness Test 
Fitness routine? Hahahaha

I routinely think that I should get into better shape. I’m not unhealthy (except for the way I eat sometimes). I just want to look better naked. My problem is I don’t have the ethic, yet. I say yet because, as my mother is so apt at pointing out, if I want something bad enough I’ll work for it.

I wanted a career in TV and worked hard to get where I am. When I want to drop 15 pounds and have actual, you know, defined abs I’ll get my butt to a gym.

Until then, I run on a treadmill about twice a week. No change in that depending on the season.


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