Round Two Begins

Here we go! This is my second list, my second try at being goal-oriented. I took a few off the first list, but not many. My hope is that these goals will be more attainable. I will have exactly 1,001 days to complete these goals.
Begin date: September 1, 2011
End date: May 29, 2014
Put $25 into savings from each pay check.
Track my expenses for 1 week.
Pay $500 of my credit card.
Pay $1,000 of my credit card.
Pay $1,500 of my credit card.
Pay off my credit card.
Pay $3,000 off my car.
Pay $5,000 off my car.
Pay $8,000 off my car.
Pay $10,000 off my car.
Pay off my car.
Donate money back to the Mass Communications department at SHSU.
Invest money in the stock market.
Pay for the person behind me in line at the drive-thru.
Buy two new suits.
Buy a new computer.
Drop 10 pounds.
Drop 20 pounds.
Have a 32 inch waist again (if possible).
Get my blood pressure back to normal.
Get a physical every year.
No beer or alcohol for 31 days.
Own a bicycle.
Get my cholesterol back below normal.
Go to the dentist each year.
Attend a workshop to better myself in my career.
Build a resume tape.
Own a copy of every story I’ve done that has aired (script and video/no vosots).
Submit something I have worked on for an Emmy.
Submit a story to the Texas Associated Press awards.
Submit a reporter tape to the Texas Associated Press awards.
Submit a story to the Lonestar Press Awards.
Submit a story for the Governor’s Barbara Jordan award.
Become an Emmy member.
Buy a professional grade video camera.
Submit a reporter tape for the Lonestar Emmys.
Create two Aggie Gameday promos.
Make a list of “Rules” from things I’ve learned on the job (20 “rules”).
Apply for a job in another city.
Interview a celebrity.
Interview an elected official.
Look into hiring an agent.
Blog for my personal website once a month.
Design a website for self-promotion.
Write, shoot, edit five (5) videos for my blog.
Write and get published an Op/Ed piece on a topic I feel strongly about.
Blog for the station once a month.
Increase my personal gear collection by 2 pieces a year.

Create a “One-Man-Band” bag (mics, cables, connectors, IFB, etc.)

Get my concealed handgun license.
Get a massage.
Create a 5 year plan.
Visit my uncle’s grave.
Get CPR and first aid certified.

Go a week without eating out.
Bake 3 pies from scratch.
Brew my own beer.
Cook my way through an entire cookbook.

Go to the Caldwell Kolache Festival.
Go to Fair on the Square in Hunstville.
Attend a SHSU Homecoming event hosted by my major.
Visit the San Jacinto Monument.
Visit the Battleship Texas.
Visit the USS Lexington in Corpus Christie.
Visit all Presidential Libraries in Texas (0/3).
Go to Good Oil Days in Humble.
Go to a concert.
Take a road trip to another state.
Attend a Sci-Fi convention.
Go to RenFest in period dress.
Go camping once.
Attend the midnight showing of the next Star Trek movie.
Go on a date.

Other Projects
Finish an entire coloring book.
Start and finish a “365 pictures” project.
Learn to tie a bow tie.
Collect 25 quotes that inspire/give me strength.
Complete the collection of state quarters that my grandfather gave me.
Take a MENSA test just for the hell of it.
Memorize two limericks.
Donate 1,000 grains of rice at

Complete one 26 Things project.
Post 10 videos to my YouTube account.
Record one project for
Score a bowling game by hand.
Score a college baseball game.
Build my own jib/crane cam.
Create a “go” bag for emergencies.
Vote in every election I am eligible for (municipal, state, federal).
Find a creative use for my growing collection of fortune cookie fortunes.

Build a Home Theater PC and fill it with my DVDs, CDs, TV shows.
Take the Jeopardy Online Contestant Challenge.
Collect and organize all my online logins and passwords.
Learn one song on the guitar.
Learn one song on the piano.

Practice my trumpet once a month.
Audition for the Brazos Valley Symphony, or similar organization.
Learn to play the guitar.
Learn to play the piano.


One thought on “Round Two Begins

  1. thoughts:1. your job application and road trip need to be to here.2. how the heck do you still have that much to pay on your car??? i don't have that much and my car is only 2 years old!3. do you mean get a massage? or are you trying to say you need to get a clue?

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