I’d Like to Thank the Academy…

I accomplished these goals before the list went active. So I’m going to check them off now!

Submit something I have worked on for an Emmy.
     I’m lucky enough to work with extremely talented people at KBTX. Every football season, for the last eight or so years, the station airs a Texas A&M Preview show before every home game called Aggie Gameday. I was honored to produce it last year. We made some changes, brought the show into the social media century and produce quality television.
     This year we submitted one show and one segment from the end of the 2010 season to the Lonestar Chapter of the Emmy’s. We should find out this month who is nominated. After that, it’s in the hands of the voters.
     I’m extremely nervous. Every time I think that I’ve forgotten about the nominations coming up, I think about the nominations coming up. It’s a dirty, vicious cycle. I think we stand a good chance to be nominated, but we do have some great competition. So we’ll see!

Become an Emmy member.
     This was a nice by-product of helping out the Lonestar Emmy’s last year. If you help judge entries, they let you be a member. For free. All I had to do was watch about three dozen DVD entries and score them. Piece of cake! Plus, it helped me get some great ideas for Aggie Gameday.
     Sadly, they don’t hand out membership cards or anything, so I can’t say that I’m a card carrying member. Maybe one day they’ll have cards. Who knows. But I’m proud to be a member and hopefully can submit work that others will find just as fascinating as I do.

Two down; 99 to go!


One thought on “I’d Like to Thank the Academy…

  1. That’s actually not how the Emmy process works. It’s not a two-tier thing, with one round of judging to determine the nominees and another to select a final winner. All of the judging is done at once, with points being awarded to the entries based on how well the judges thought they met certain criteria. The entry (or, depending on the Emmy chapter, entries) with the highest point total(s) is/are awarded the statue. The entries in that category that scored well, but not as high as the winner(s) are the “nominees”.

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