Meeting Mr. Rather

My job affords me some great luxuries. Usually it’s a pass or ticket to some big event, but every now and then I get the chance to meet someone. I’m a graduate of Sam Houston State University’s Mass Communications program. The program is housed in the Dan Rather Communications Building. Rather is a graduate of SHSU as well. I spent four years learning about my one, true passion in a building with his name on it. Two weeks ago, I got to meet Dan Rather. 
Me. Dan Rather. My friend (and current SHSU student) Josh. 
It was a small moment, but it had a very big impact. Mr. Rather is a huge professional role model to me. Regardless of your personal opinion of him, Mr. Rather has done so much for journalism and, especially, for Sam Houston State University. 
He was on campus for a full day and spent most of it talking directly to students. He was extremely gracious with his time answering everyone’s questions. The impact that Sam Houston State had on him while he was as student here is still fresh in his mind. The faculty believed in him and wanted him to succeed. They saw the potential in Mr. Rather when he didn’t see it in himself. We need more teachers like that.

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