KBTX Post: Making the ‘High Definition’ Change

If you told me when I graduated high school that by 24 I would have a job at a station close to home, anchor the morning show and be there when that station switched to HD, I would have said you were crazy.
The last ten months have been a whirlwind of change. Some people said goodbye. Some people we’ve welcomed into the KBTX family. Each change has moved the station toward one goal; being the best we can. It’s a goal we try to fulfill every day. I’m not out to waste your time or mislead you. Neither is anyone else who works for KBTX.
The biggest change is our High Definition transition. If you’ve watched in the last 48 hours, I hope you’ve noticed the change. You are seeing KBTX in a way that it has never been see before. HD is the last big hurdle (for now, anyway) for most television stations.
It means that we’re getting a new newsroom and studio. Those projects are currently underway now, and will be progressing quickly over the next few months. Everyone is excited about the new digs. So, please mind our dust if you have to come by the station or if you see some construction in the background during a newscast.
It also means I have to be more particular about what I wear each morning. Never imagined that, at 24, I’d have a hard time picking out what to wear! It’s a jungle out there. Does this tie match this shirt? Is this tie too “busy” for the camera? Is this pattern too small? Will these colors run?
The questions abound.
Not to mention, my new best friend is a lint roller! We have a lot of animals come onto the set each week. As an animal-lover, I’m having a hard time to restrain from petting the animals and picking them up. I know the second I do, I’ll be covered in fur. Thankfully, we have lint rollers just about everywhere, just in case.

So stay with us as we grow to better serve you and the entire Brazos Valley. As our General Manager Mike Wright says,”You’ll never be at a station making this type of bold change ever again!” We hope you guys are just as excited as we are.
Feel free to get in touch with me!
Twitter: @TVsMichaelOder
Facebook: Michael Oder
Google+: +Michael Oder
Email: oder@kbtx.com
Phone: 979-574-7653
Carrier Pigeon: 4141 E. 29th Street, Bryan, TX 77802
(okay, so the last one is a joke. But if you have trained carrier pigeons, that’s awesome!)

I work for KBTX-TV in Bryan/College Station. I blog for the station, but like to include that content on my personal blog as well. I have disabled comments here in hopes that you will visit KBTX.com. The original blog post is here.


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