My Conversation with Bill Flores

One of the added perks to my job is getting to meet some pretty important people. A few weeks back I had the chance to sit down, one-on-one, with my Congressman. Bill Flores was elected a year ago on a landslide vote defeating an incumbent 20-year Democrat. His election was seen as a ‘changing of the guard’ throughout the district.

One year in office and he told me he’s disappointed. He’s not where he thought he would be after a year. Not much has been accomplished in Congress. He contends the House is trying to move things forward, but the Democratically-controlled Senate and White House are dragging their feet.

No matter what your political inclinations, I believe that Bill Flores spoke honestly with me about the frustration that he feels. A frustration that we all feel.

Scratching another goal off the list – Interview an elected official. 

P.S. I rushed over to the Congressman’s office after having just produced a show with breaking news of a plane crash South of Brazos County. I should have tightened my tie, I know, but the Congressman understood. 


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