The Master List

“Collect and organize all my online logins and passwords.”

One of my goals is to collect and record all of my online identities and passwords in one location. I’ve had a few people ask my why I would want all of that information in one place? The answer is a morbid one. I remember reading a few articles about a year ago about what happens to our “online presence” after we die. The article dealt with a few specifics like what family members could do with your Facebook account, etc.

The one thing that stood out was how difficult it was for families to gain access to those accounts. We don’t always share our passwords with anyone, much less our parents or significant others. The process to get control of many online accounts is arduous to say the least. The article recommended making a master list of  your accounts so that, in the event you can no longer access them, some one can take the appropriate action.

It’s not a list that will be laying around on my desk. It’s going with all other important documents in a very special place. That way, no matter what happens, someone can update this blog…

I’m marking this off, even though it will continue to be updated.


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