A bone marrow donor, no longer

Talking to my mom tonight I realized I haven’t updated everyone on my status as a bone marrow donor.

Back in August I was asked by the National Bone Marrow Registry to give a blood sample. It appeared, on paper, that I was a match for a mid-40s white man on the East Coast. He has acute myelogenous leukemia. See this post about the process.

About two weeks ago, I got a phone call from the donor coordinator in Houston. They found a better match in the registry (I assume they keep testing potential donors in case something happens). The recipient, obviously, was going to choose the donor that was best for him. I was no longer needed as a donor.

There’s a little disappointment that comes in hearing that. You have to prepare yourself to be a donor and when you don’t get to see it through, you feel unsatisfied. It’s a completely selfish feeling, of course, because this guy is getting the absolute best donor in the registry.

A life is still being saved. That’s what counts.

Added bonus, I’m still in the registry. I was told that my phone would be ringing again, sometime soon.


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