Why am I doing this?

My friend Amy over at Interpret As You May is starting a series on “how to blog.” She’s celebrating her two year blogiversary.

*clickity* Give her blog some love. 

Her first post asked three questions.

Who are you? What do you like? and How private are you?

She crafts a pretty great mission statement for her blog from it. She’s also had two years to really refine that statement.

Got me thinking about my blog here. I’ve always struggled with trying to find other things besides work to talk about. Then it hit me; I like my job. I love my job, actually. I’ve been worried I would bore everyone. My job lets me do some pretty cool things and go pretty neat places.

So, if I were to answer those three questions, it would look like this:

I’m a television anchor and reporter that loves TV news, sci fi and space who has no trouble sharing my life with anyone who will listen. 

I’ll try not to get to jargon-y or technical. Just hope you’ll enjoy some of the things I love getting to do every day.

Let me know if you have a blog or website! I’d love to read it! (and bookmark it!). Better yet, who do you read online? Drop a link in the comments!


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