Olympic Gold, Midtown Men and Bar-B-Que

So, I had a pretty solid week.

I wore an Olympic Gold medal.
Olympic. Gold.

It was awesome. Demetrius Pinder and Aries Merrett both live and train in the area.

They competed in London this summer and won GOLD.
They were on the 4 o’clock show. Couldn’t be nicer guys.

Met the Midtown Men.
The opened the 40th Season MSC OPAS at Texas A&M.
They woke up and came on the morning show, which is awesome.
Daniel and Christian were great guys.

Went and saw their show Thursday night. Awesome show! See them if you can.

Went with Shel Winkley to his presentation at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.
He talked about weather (obviously) and I talked about news n junk.
Got a free lunch AND a sweet St. Joe’s baseball hat!

We had a grill out at the station for lunch on Friday.
Our engineers bought a grill, so we had to test it out.
Grilled chicken, potato salad, beans and cookies.
Somehow I ended up as gill-master.
No one got sick and people even complimented me!

Still can’t believe I wore an Olympic medal though…


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