Teeth. Chompers. Pearly Whites.

Let me start with a truth; I haven’t been to the dentist in well over a decade.

I get anxious. It’s the sound of the drill, the feeling of your teeth being scraped. It makes my skin crawl. As a kid, years of swallowing antibiotics wore the enamel down on my teeth. There was a 2-year period that I had strep throat every three months.
My teeth.

I knew that my fear was irrational and immature. So did the people I work with. They made some recommendations on where to go, who to see, who would be the best.

I got a phone call one day at lunch. The dentist office had a cancellation. I was in.

I’m not going to share the overly gross details. It had been a while and my teeth showed it. They are in relatively good health, but needed to be cleaned, BAD.

Two hours after I got there, they deep cleaned just the left side. I had to make an appointment for the right side.

“There’s just too much to clean in one day.” – my dentist.

That jerk. That very honest jerk.

At the end of the day, I’m glad I went. Teeth are very important, especially in my job. Plus, I like to smile and I’d like my smile to shine a bit brighter. With the help of my dentist, I’ve got a road map on turning things around.

Hope I didn’t gross anyone out 🙂

Check another goal of my 101 in 1,001 listGo to the dentist each year. I’ll be going back more than once over the next year, but it’s a start!


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