Man’s Best Friend


I love this dog.

Don’t get home nearly enough to spend time with him.

Cash is going on 8 (I think).

He’s an old man who still likes to run around. I haven’t been home 4 hours, and he’s already slobbered all over me, knocked me over and played in the water hose while I washed the patio down.

He obeys me when I tell him not to run off. We weren’t in the front yard 3 minutes before he decided he wanted to smell like grass.

Cash lives with the folks. Would have taken him with me when I moved to Bryan, but JoePa (roommate) got a pup named Farley.

Farley’s adorable, but there’s only room for one dog in my heart.

I’m thankful for a lot this Thanksgiving. My family and my friends, furry or not.


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