On being a Best Man…

I’m a lucky guy to have so many great friends in my life. I’m even luckier to see two of them fall in love. Being honest, I’ve seen more than just two fall in love, but love only works in pairs (I assume. I don’t know if I have any polygamist friends).

Josh and Breanne are in love. They’re getting married. It’s a huge event. I have to wear a tuxedo (And I look good in a tuxedo). What will make this wedding different is being Josh’s Best Man.

It’s a whole new responsibility. I’ve never been a Best Man before. I’ve officiated weddings, but never been in the wedding party. The responsibilities are vague and assumed. I put together a bachelor party, in New Orleans. Josh, his brother and father, and some close friends all made it.

Swamp Boat Tour

I’ll spare you the details. We had a blast.

My other responsibility is giving a toast at the reception. Normally, I don’t have a problem speaking in front of large crowds of strangers. These aren’t strangers, though. They’re friends. Basically, they’re family. And I have to speak about something extremely personal; one of my best friends. I’ve been writing things down for a week, but still haven’t mapped it all out. I just know that I’m honored to know Josh, to be friends with him.

Michael and Scott My brother had plans to get married this year. Life has a strange way of working things out. Those plans aren’t on the table anymore. Eventually, he’ll find someone that he wants to pop the question to, of that I have no doubt.

My brother is one of the most caring, supportive, independent people I know. I hope that he’ll ask me to be his Best Man. I want him to be my Best Man whenever I find my lifelong match.

There are bonds between all of us. The Universe makes sure that we are connected. It’s the close few we surround ourselves with that help navigate our lives.

Who helps navigate your life?


2 thoughts on “On being a Best Man…

  1. I was fortunate to be a best man three times when I was in my twenties. An enormous honor, as you know. But I look back at those times and realize that I probably fell short of who and what I should’ve been — toasts and roasts — for the happy couples and all in attendance. Honestly, I wish I could have another shot at those moments. Advice to you: Be real, be gracious, be appropriately light-hearted and realize that you only get one chance to do it right for Josh and Breanne. Know you’ll do great.

    1. Thanks for the advice, Jay. My biggest challenge is trying to explain what their friendship means to me. I’ve been spending time with the dictionary. I’ll have to keep the first of your triaxiom in mind; be real.

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