Mumford & Sons in Austin, TX

Let me start this by saying I’ve never been to a real, outdoor concert for a real, current band. I decided my first time should be to Mumford & Sons in Austin.

Shel & I got some lawn tickets from a Twitter follower of mine for a reasonable price. We knew of a bunch of our friends from Bryan/College Station who were going, and had lawn tickets. We were stoked. It was a Sunday night. He and I both took off work the next day.

Just getting to the venue and seeing the other people who showed up early was exciting. Everyone was as cool as could be. It didn’t matter what you did during the day; you were here now. We get inside and discover the line for the lawn section is about a mile in length. We laugh and make friends. My friend Tucker is Vining the whole experience.

Then some guy, in a venue shirt, stops by and asks if we want pit passes. Most of us were skeptical, but Tucker wasn’t. He asks how much. The man said they were free. We just needed to show the people at the gate our wrist bands. Like that, the day turned magical. I’ll let the pictures finish this story.


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