Want to be a journalist?

Want to be a journalist?

  1. A couple times a year I get asked to talk to journalism and communications students at nearby Sam Houston State University and Texas A&M. I say a lot of the same things, talk about what I did in college and some of the biggest stories I’ve covered (so far). 

    One lesson I repeat each time is owning your “brand.” Every person has a different brand. Find out what your passion is and be a point of information for others. Budding journalists have great resources online to do this; Twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. 
    So, I asked some of my online friends to share some advice they’d give to aspiring journos. Those with journalism backgrounds or experience chimed in. First up? A former intern.
  2. @TVsMichaelOder @TAMUSPJ Look at the world around you. Practice writing. Learn photo/video editing. Generate story ideas. Be honest & fair.
  3. @TVsMichaelOder just gave a talk to UT students. Told them about sketchy gas station bathrooms, many stories a day, knowing stations brand
  4. I think this advice is great for students or those just starting their career (myself included). There’s also some pretty good life advice in there as well. 

    What advice would you give to someone starting out in your line of work?

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