UPDATE: The List 2.0

Brief update:

Go a week without eating out. ✔

I’ve gone almost three weeks without eating out! Thanks to L and the Whole 30 journey we’ve been on, I haven’t had one meal that wasn’t cooked at home (or someone else’s home). It’s feels remarkable! My bank account appreciates the break as well.

Go on a date. ✔

I did. And it was great. And it paid off, too. 🙂


Drop 10 pounds.

This goal isn’t confirmed yet. Neither is the one after it, drop 20 pounds. I’m waiting until the end of Whole 30 to check my weight. I feel slimmer, and many people have said I look slimmer, but I’m going to have to wait to confirm.

No beer or alcohol for 31 days.

Again, thanks to Whole 30 for helping my out with this goal, quite by accident. L brought it up one day that I could cross this one off my list at the end of Whole 30. So, yay!

May 29th is the end date for my second list. I’ve already started working on List 3.0. Never too soon to start think about your next set of goals. There were a lot of things that I thought would be important, but haven’t been. Others will be added to the next list. Check out my list if you need some inspiration or ideas! Make a list for yourself!


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